The Fruits and Roots of Success

In this episode I share: Why the fruits of success come after the work 12 different roots that must be fed and cultivated for the fruit of success to be harvested Why principles are often underestimated and unseen The 6 specific fruits that almost all high performers desire How greater income and earning power come […]

The Compassionate Warrior – Part II

I this episode I share: How high performance and compassion are essential What your most important role as a leader is Why compassion drives successful marketing How empathy is essential to leading teams and building trust That you can lead by lifting (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK TOOLKIT, is FREE for a limited time […]

The Compassionate Warrior – Part I

In this episode I share: How great leadership excels with compassion The inner journey of high performance How to free up inner resources to accomplish more Why you need emotional resilience How compassion proceeds connection (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK TOOLKIT, is FREE for a limited time (normally $17). Click here to get access […]

Book Review: The Fearless Mind – Craig Manning, PhD

In this episode I share: How distraction is the enemy What a “fearless mind” means That almost anything is possible with deliberate and consistent energy Why focusing on “winning” is the wrong mindset How not to waste emotional, mental, or physical energy You can get The Fearless Mind by Dr. Craig Manning on Amazon. (My […]

Working in the Zone of Control

In this episode I share: How you can use Zone of Control to get unstuck and get traction Why the Zone of No Control will kill your confidence and your results Practical steps to increase your productivity in your business or career What I learned from a one-on-one conversation with the Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan […]

An Avalanche of Opportunity

In this episode I share: 7 different steps to creating massive business momentum and opportunity How milestones can transform your strategic implementation Why clarity is the gem of growth and development The reason you need to know where you are going and not going What a zone of impact is and how to arrange team […]

Book Review: Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

In this episode I share: The difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset Specific mindset questions to determine where you are at 4 keys to a growth mindset How mindset is more important than talent Insights into how to infuse a growth mindset into your workplace, business, or family (My newest course, THE […]

The Formula for a Deliberate Destination

In this episode I share: How results can become predictable Why training your brain is at the core of high performance The relationship between habits, character, and results The top three goals that almost all humans desire How destination = destiny (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK TOOLKIT, is FREE for a limited time (normally […]