The Fruits and Roots of Success

In this episode I share: Why the fruits of success come after the work 12 different roots that must be fed and cultivated for the fruit of success to be harvested Why principles are often underestimated and unseen The 6 specific fruits that almost all high performers desire How greater income and earning power come […]

Working in the Zone of Control

In this episode I share: How you can use Zone of Control to get unstuck and get traction Why the Zone of No Control will kill your confidence and your results Practical steps to increase your productivity in your business or career What I learned from a one-on-one conversation with the Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan […]

#6 How to Uncover Your Strengths

In this episode of Max Mindset Coach you’ll discover: How confidence grows when you discover your strengths How to get more done with less effort Why reflection is good but self-absorption isn’t 5 ways to uncover your strengths What test I recommend for the “basics” in finding your strengths (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK […]