People are the Most Important Assets

In this episode I share: A monthly strategy to listen and reward engaged team members How the world is built on cooperation and exchange Why leadership is about lifting What the Law of Optimization is and how to apply it in the workplace and with those you love How trust creates a high performance work […]

Are You Sitting on the Fence of Life?

In this episode I share: Why decisions are diamonds 5 ways to get off the fence and get greater results How perfection can kill business innovation and momentum What the 80% rule is and how it can get you off the fence Why you need to lean into resistance (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK […]

Who Are You to Take Your Ideas into the World?

In this episode of Max Mindset Coach you’ll discover: How you often know the answers but you don’t trust your instincts I’ll tell you a story how I ignored inspiration for almost ten years That inspiration becomes real through action How resistance is the enemy to progress How to overcome self-doubt Four questions that can […]