An Avalanche of Opportunity

In this episode I share: 7 different steps to creating massive business momentum and opportunity How milestones can transform your strategic implementation Why clarity is the gem of growth and development The reason you need to know where you are going and not going What a zone of impact is and how to arrange team […]

People are the Most Important Assets

In this episode I share: A monthly strategy to listen and reward engaged team members How the world is built on cooperation and exchange Why leadership is about lifting What the Law of Optimization is and how to apply it in the workplace and with those you love How trust creates a high performance work […]

#6 How to Uncover Your Strengths

In this episode of Max Mindset Coach you’ll discover: How confidence grows when you discover your strengths How to get more done with less effort Why reflection is good but self-absorption isn’t 5 ways to uncover your strengths What test I recommend for the “basics” in finding your strengths (My newest course, THE GET UNSTUCK […]