WARNING: Your brain, life, and results are about to be upgraded!
Are You Ready to HAVE
I want to personally take my life to the next level and join a community of innovators who transform their careers, relationships, and communities. I want to write my own story!
This community is just launching and you'll receive FOUNDER'S STATUS and pricing. Your price will be locked in for life for Max Mindset Coach - You'll also receive some cool deals in the future for being an early adopter.
Here is How it Works:

Virtual Pivot Session Twice Per Month ($250 value)

On two Thursdays a month you'll have the opportunity to take part in our live Pivot Sessions. These sessions dive deep into mindset AND action. This is a community where we hold each other accountable for growth, vision, and habits.

Private Facebook Group ($100 value)

Only members of Max Mindset Coach have access to this group. Community members can ask questions, get ideas, suggestions,  and insights. This is also a great way for us to post various challenges and then be accountable to our actions.

Monthly Topic on One of the 12 Laws of Traction ($100 value)

Each month we'll focus on learning and mastering one of the 12 Laws of Traction. After reading hundreds of books and over twenty years in business, these principles will propel you forward, no matter your position, title, or level of income.

Monthly Focus on One Area of Business Mastery ($100 value)

Each month we'll discuss the nuts and bolts of business: marketing, sales, and operations. We'll focus on new and innovative trends that will put you at the forefront of change. This knowledge and expertise helps you establish yourself as an authority, which can impact income and results!

Book Club ($75 value)

The habit of learning is a core attribute of an innovator. As we read, we surround ourselves with great thinkers and great thoughts! We ultimately become what we read, think about, and who we surround ourselves with.

Exclusive Q & A ($75 Value)

Each month we have live Q & A in our Pivot Sessions. This forum gives members of the tribe the opportunity to ask about their journey in upgrading their mindset and results.  The exclusive Facebook group is also a great Q & A resource.

Archive of Previous Pivot Sessions ($50 Value)

All Pivot Sessions are recorded and posted in our private membership area for 60 days. This allows  the avid learner to immerse themselves into previous discussions and principles that we've discussed. This is a powerful resource!

No Contracts (Priceless)

If you're wanting to move another direction, you can cancel your monthly membership fee at any time. Of course, you'll also lose access to the community, the archives, the tools, and the exclusive Facebook group.
This is $750 of Value Monthly!!!
The Innovator's Code
  •  I write my own story
  •  I create more value than I consume
  •  I lead with vision and take action
  •  I see problems and drive solutions
  •  My habits are the foundation of my results 
  •  I focus on growth not greed
  •  Income follows influence
It's Time to Break Through Fear
I invite you to join a community of innovators who are breaking through their personal limitations and fear. If you're here, you've most likely heard "the call," the first step in innovation. You know you have a voice and it needs to be heard. You have insights but sometimes people just won't listen. It's time to step up and step out.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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